Before you travel to Madrid you should know some essential information, such as how to move around, the basic social norms, the weather… and also about activities that probably will interest you, apps that you will need, emergency phone numbers and how to get from the airport to downtown, among others.

What to Know Before you Travel to Madrid

You can anticipate by downloading the apps that you will use the most and find out about the weather so you can bring the right clothes.

From the airport to Madrid

Learn our tips to get about from the airport to the city and how to move around. You should be aware how public transport works in Madrid.

Safety tips

Madrid is a very safe city, however, it is always important to know the emergency telephone numbers in advance in case of any health complications or other type of situation.

Inform yourself of posible problems you can encounter when trying to rent a house and know about rental scams or the most common buying and selling scams.

Looking for an apartment

If you travel to Madrid for several days or need a temporal place to stay we have short stay apartments in Serrano street known as the “Golden Mile of Madrid“.

We also have apartments for monthly stays for companies and apartments for monthly stays for students. But you can always try “idealista” if you prefer other apartments.

Once you have a house, you need to how to maintain your property and how electricity prices works in Madrid, since it is specially high.

Visit the most Popular Places

Now, we have a post for you. What to see Madrid on your first visit or a plan to visit Madrid in 1 day. Also you have other alternatives, such as getting to visit the Center of Madrid or getting to know the 10 most visited places.

If you are a regular visitor we have a section on recommended museums, some more known than others and key points for your second visit to Madrid.

Visit the less known Madrid

In this section we comment on some emblematic but less visited places:

Locations outside of Madrid

Traveling to Madrid includes getting to know the surroundings and for this we recommend the city ​​of Toledo, Segovia or the Palace of San Ildefonso. 

At the mountains you can find the Monastery of San Lorenzo del Escorial, and the Cross of the Fallen (La Cruz de los Caídos). If you like the countryside visit the Madrid mountains where you can go hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, or kayaking. Download a route app like outdoor Active, alltrails, viewranger or wikiloc.

If you want to stay in Madrid

In this area we have apartments for months in the Centro area, apartments for months in the Retiro and as a quieter and less touristic area you may consider apartments for months in the Salamanca district.

For a short stay we have apartments for days next to the Golden Mile (Calle Serrano) and Paseo de la Castellana, in the Escultor Building and we also provide a list by category, a list of apartments for companies or our list of apartments for students.

Pretending to live in Madrid?

If you are considering to invest in Madrid visit the Golden Visa page to obtain a permanent residence in Spain.