Will the weather be good in Madrid? Better than words are the temperature data in Madrid.


The weather in Madrid

With these statistics you will know the general climatic conditions that you will find in each month of the year.

Depending on the month of your stay in Madrid, you must choose the type of clothing.

The weather in Madrid

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To find out the day-to-day weather forecast on your mobile, we recommend that you download the “weather” application on your iPhone or Android, which you can also find at www.eltiempo.es

To accurately know the weather in Madrid, in other parts of Madrid, beaches, mountain passes, ski resorts, etc. The best website is www.aemet.es (National Meteorological Agency) but whose mobile application does not enjoy of good reviews.


The temperatures in Madrid in general

The city of Madrid is normally dry, it does not rain too much, it snows very little, the wind is gentle, there is usually no frost nor excessive cold in the city and heat can reach 40˚C in July and part of August.

The mountain is 5˚C colder than the city of Madrid during the day and 10˚C or more at night in winter. Madrid has beautiful mountains 50 minutes away by car, which are covered in snow in winter.

If you like skiing, Madrid has small slopes that are usually packed with people on the weekends. There are other slopes at 2 up to 4 hours away, in which case you can bring your ski equipment or rent one at moderately cheap prices.

If you like to swim, there are some lakes with bathing allowed and municipal swimming pools, if that is your case, bring your bathing equipment. The closest beach is 3 hours away by car and the furthest is 6 hours from Madrid.

Tips to follow before going to Madrid

We leave you a generic post with first tips including leisure plans.


Our accommodations in Madrid

We have apartments for months in the Centro area, the apartments for months in the Retiro area and as a quieter and less touristy area you can consider the apartments for months in the Salamanca district.

For a short stay we have apartments for days next to Calle Serrano and Paseo de la Castellana, in the Escultor Building and accommodation by category: list of apartments for companies or our list of apartments for students.

Pretending to live in Madrid?

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