The “Palacio de Cristal” in Madrid is located in the heart of El Retiro Park. The Crystal Palace is surrounded by beautiful views and monuments, and in front of it is a small artificial lake that enhances its beauty and allows for unique photos.

The Crystal Palace in El Retiro Park

It is a monumental and diaphanous structure of iron and glass in the shape of a Greek cross. The crystal palace is considered to be one of the finest examples of iron architecture in Spain.

You get its best views from the other lake in the small lake at sunset, but to appreciate its magnitude, we recommend you go around the lake, passing through the small artificial cave, until you reach the large granite staircase. Its metal structure, covered with large glass plates, creates a transparent architectural space in which light enters through all its walls and vaults.

Due to its orientation, in the morning the sun shines directly on the main façade, while at noon everything is illuminated equally, and at dusk a special backlight effect is created. Any time is a good time to make this visit, although each moment of the day gives it a different charm.

Curiosities of the Crystal Palace

Its architect, Ricardo Velásquez Bosco, was inspired by the “Crystal Palace” in London, built in 1851. It was originally conceived as a greenhouse to house tropical plants on the occasion of the Exhibition of Flora of the Philippine Islands (1887), a Spanish colony at the time. After the exhibition, it was used as the venue for the National Exhibition of Fine Arts, held every two years.

1936 was the year used by Manuel Azaña to be elected president of the Republic, and later, in 1975, its first restoration was carried out, returning the structure to its original conception. Actually, it is one of the exhibition venues of the Museo Nacional de Arte Reina Sofía, so you will have the opportunity to visit one of its temporary exhibitions.

Other things to see near the Crystal Palace

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Artículo Dflat - El Palacio de Cristal

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