Madrid is not just a city. It also has mountains, rivers, natural pools, lakes, and forests of different species. The best way to see what the Sierra de Madrid is like is to see its photos or some routes. You can use Google Maps or any other mountain-routes application.

There are thousands of interesting points, but in this article, we wanted to show you just some of them.

Jarosa Reservoir

La Jarosa is a spectacular and beautiful place where you can disconnect from the city, pollution, stress, and stress. In addition to enjoying a unique landscape in which you can even see vestiges of bunkers and small streams,

Parque de la Jarosa

The Jarosa reservoir

It is located about 54 km from Madrid and is attached to Lake “La Jarosa.” You have several homemade restaurants and various route options (walking around the lake, climbing to peaks where there are forts from the civil war, etc.).

The natural pools of Cercedilla

These resorts are located within the Las Berceas Recreational Park, 60 km from the capital.

In the Sierra de Guadarrama, these pools are fed with water from streams in the area and subsequently treated with chlorine.

The place is surrounded by pine trees and offers beautiful views from any point of its 30-hectare area, where you can also find picnic areas, changing rooms, showers, toilets, an infirmary, and sunbathing areas.

natural pools cercedilla las berceas

The Natural Pools of Cercedilla

The Hundido de Armallones

At 90 minutes from Madrid, the Hundido de Armallones (Sunken of Armallones) is an attractive emblematic route that can be done in the beautiful Alto Tajo Natural Park, walking along the banks of the river without coming across large groups of people and enjoying an unrivaled natural beauty that will brighten your day.

To facilitate your arrival, the best thing you can do if you go by car is to park in the town of Ocentejo, where you will find a barracks that will guide you, and if you do not get it, you always have the option of asking a countryman.

El Hundido de Armallones

The Sunken Armallones

Oruxmaps is the app that we use in DFLAT. It is a simple application, but it describes the mountains and what you can do in it, with routes in summer or winter when everything is beautiful and full of snow. You also have first-hand information on Wikiroutes.

Senderismo en la Sierra norte de Madrid

The Atazar

Senderismo en la sierra norte

Hiking in the northern sierra

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