The expression “Large homeowners” (or Grandes Tenedores) is used to refer to persons, companies, or entities that own a large number of houses or real estate properties for rent. This situation can generate advantages or irisks, depending on the perspective from which it is analyzed.

What is a “Large homeowner” (Gran Tenedor) in Spain?

On the one hand, the “large holders” of housing can promote and offer a wide range of rental housing, which can be beneficial for public bodies, benefiting those people who are looking for housing in certain areas or localities. However, they can also be under specific legislation.

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Advantages of being a Large Holder (Gran Tenedor)

A large holder is typically a big investor with the capacity to improve buildings or even a city itself. Its capacity includes the possibility to build and increase the portfolio on rental or sale, thereby decreasing market prices or at least reducing price increments. Here are some of the advantages of being a property holder (Gran Tenedor de Viviendas):

1. Greater bargaining power
. Large holders have a greater ability to negotiate with other parties due to their influence in the market.
3. Diversification: A large holder may have a wide variety of investments in his portfolio, allowing him to diversify his risk.
. Higher profitability: By having access to more financial resources, large holders can invest in higher-yield opportunities that may not be available to smaller investors.
 Access to information: Large holders tend to have structure and, therefore, quicker access to information that can help them make more informed investment decisions.
 Greater flexibility: A large holder can be more flexible in his investment strategy since he has the ability to invest in a wide variety of financial instruments.

Risks of large homeowners for the market

A large holder may be more vulnerable to market volatility and may be subject to additional regulations and restrictions. Furthermore, past success does not guarantee future success in investing; it does, however, pose some risk for the market, and that is because some regulations normally apply:

1. High rental prices: If the “big holders” have a dominant position in the rental market, they can set higher prices than would be fair in a situation of balanced competition. This can make housing difficult for many people, especially those with low incomes.
2. Lack of supply: in some cases, the “big holders” can monopolize a large number of homes in certain areas, which can reduce the supply of homes available on the rental market and create a situation of scarcity and speculation.
3. Lack of maintenance: In some cases, the “big holders” may not pay enough attention to the maintenance of the homes, which can lead to livability and security problems for the tenants.
4. Lack of flexibility: the “big holders” may have rigid rental policies that do not adjust to the individual needs and situations of the tenants, which can create situations of imbalance and vulnerability.
5. Lack of transparency: in some cases, the “big holders” may not be transparent in their rental and management policies, which can generate mistrust and difficulties for tenants when it comes to knowing their rights and obligations.

If you are a large property owner or Gran Tenedor

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