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“Emprendedores“: DFLAT MADRID, Personalised Accommodation (extract)

The idea of creating a network of temporary accommodation for foreign students in Madrid was not original. “Several people had tried it before and they all failed”.
However, the bad experiences did not invalidate a reality that the founders confirmed: “that foreign students did not have a reliable and safe way of finding accommodation”.

Saturnino shared his observation with César Rivera, an architect and fellow IE Business School student. After carrying out a survey among business schools, they realised that this problem could affect at least 30,000 students in Madrid alone. This was enough of a niche to start an activity, and they decided to provide the solution: dflatmadrid.

The company started in 2003, after an investment of 40,000 euros between the two partners.
They rented five houses and offered more than 20 places in rooms for foreign students in Madrid (although it was in August that they made the leap in services with the launch of their new website).


Students were the first to benefit from Dflat Madrid’s services. However, their success encouraged them to diversify by extending their services to professionals, companies and tourists.

They guarantee a personalised service tailored to their needs. They offer short and long term accommodation on a single platform and the security of proven owners.
For property owners who entrust their accommodation to Dflat, they promise lower costs “than Booking or Airbnb”, quality customers and large corporate accounts.

This has allowed them to increase their turnover, despite the crisis, which is expected to reach 650,000.00 euros by the end of this year.
Not for nothing do their clients include eleven business schools, Telefónica Internacional and Endesa.

In terms of the areas in which they operate, they are limited to the most elite areas of Madrid, where they offer apartments, rooms or furnished buildings for stays on request.

The majority of their clients are foreigners who are recruited “mainly in their country of origin”, so they are in contact with travel agencies, relocation agencies and the human resources departments of universities, schools and companies.