If you come with children, it is advisable to arrive quite promptly.

El Cambio de Guardia (Change of Guard)

The Changing of the Guard at the Royal Palace in Madrid consists of two different types of relaysIn both parades, the uniforms are those used in the times of Alfonso XIII.

El Cambio Solemne (the Solemn Relay)

More than 400 soldiers and more than 100 horses participate in this Solemn Changing of the Guard and it lasts approximately 50 minutes.

The changing of the guard that was carried out in the times of the kings Alfonso XII and Alfonso XIII and it is actually replicated.

The music unit, with its chords, is in charge of initiating the Solemn Changing of the Guard of the Royal Palace. The fifes and drums accompany their passage, while the incoming guard waits for the outgoing one.

Spearmen and halberdiersrifle companies, soldiers with artillery pieces and ammunition cheeks participate in the parade for almost an hour accompanied by a music unit. Fifes and drums accompany their passage.

It takes place in the Plaza de la Armería in Madrid and if you arrive early you can see the relay from the stairs of the Almudena Cathedral .

When: First Wednesday of each month
Price:  Free
Address:  Plaza de la Armería, Madrid
This ceremony takes place all year round except for the months of January, August and September.

El Cambio Ligero (The Light Relay)

Four members of the Royal Guard intervene, two of them on foot and two on horseback, accompanied by a fife and a drum.

The men on horseback, every 15 minutes, and without coinciding with the men on foot, move in front of the Royal Palace. It lasts approximately 7 minutes.

In total, 27 guards and 6 horses participated as Changes are made every half hour by foot soldiers and every hour by horse until 2:00 pm

This changing of the guard takes place in front of the Puerta del Príncipe on Calle Bailén .

When: Every Wednesday and Saturday of the month
Price:  Free  
Address:  Puerta del Príncipe
More information:  Guardia Real official website

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