You will take your smartphone with you, which you can get much more out of the incredible city that is Madrid. 

The most useful apps for Madrid

Install this apps before traveling and save time.

Moovit” for your transportation and travel

Download Moovit to use in the mobile or you can find the different ways to get around Madrid in this post.

Moovit contains all the public transport in Madrid, but also scooters and electric skates.

Wherever you are, this app will tell you how long your metro train or bus has to go, and will notify you if you get lost! We can also recommend MyTaxi, Cabify, Uber, etc.

With Moovit you have all the updated information on your phone and it is definitely our favorite App for Madrid.


“Weather, get control what to put in the suitcase

The Weather is a basic app to control inclement weather.

The application provides weather information throughout the peninsula. The first thing you should look at to know the climate of the city where you are going and before packing your suitcase is to know the weather in Madrid.

Spain has a wide climatic variety, being very mountainous with perpetual snow and having small deserts, there can be temperature variations between locations of more than 40 degrees between seasons and 20 degrees between locations on the same day of the year.


The fork (el tenedor), eating better at a better prices

The fork focuses on picking up lesser deals from the best restaurants in Madrid.

Get into El Tenedor to check if it works with your favorite restaurant and access reservations for free and get discounts that can reach up to 50% off at the restaurant.


Fever”, the activities and plans in the city

Use fever so you can book on the same day and find plans that otherwise you could not have imagined.

If you fancy an alternative plan to walk around and see monuments, this app puts you in touch with all the plans in Madrid; restaurant menus, micro theater, a party, an alternative exhibition, a concert or a monologue.


Around Me”, helps you understand what you are seeing and guide your visit.

Download AroundMe, and you will be able to find what you want near you.

Either it can be it a bar, a cafeteria, a pharmacy, a bar, a taxi rank and even ATMs. Of everything! The only condition is that it is closed. The best app to make impromptu plans when you least expect it.

Our accommodations in Madrid

We have apartments for months in the Centro area, the apartments for months in the Retiro area and as a quieter and less touristy area you can consider the apartments for months in the Salamanca district.

For a short stay we have apartments for days next to Calle Serrano and Paseo de la Castellana, in the Escultor Building and accommodation by category: list of apartments for companies or our list of apartments for students.         

Pretending to live in Madrid?

If you are a Madrid passionate considering to invest in Madrid visit or Golden Visa page to obtain a permanent residence in Spain.