In 2003, two executives with an MBA from Instituto de Empresa (ie Madrid) founded DFLATMadrid, a hosting services company aimed at serving foreigners. Find out more about this company and how it has evolved over the years.

What is DFLATMadrid

DFLAT Madrid starts operating in 2004, in a few months the first 5 homes were managed, renting its 21 rooms to the first students for Madrid ie (Instituto de Empresa now ie Business School).

Shortly after, seasonal apartments are reserved for companies and business schools. Telefónica Internacional SL, commissions DFLATMadrid is requested to set up the accommodation part of the network of impatriates who end up staying, staying in our Sculptor building.

Then the company was mentioned in the media in these years, especially for the early vision and for being the first in the management of season in a professional manner.

The company is constantly evolving, operating furnished apartments and also buildings in Madrid.

It currently has dozens of recommendations from the Madrid ie community (ie Business School) of Telefónica Internacional SL, Ibex companies, international law firms and senior managers, among others.

We currently have a portfolio of more than 400 apartments and several buildings under management, offering our customers the possibility of checking the quality of our services fully adjusted to their possibilities and adapted to meet their requirements.

Why DFLATMadrid is a “property manager”

We are constantly evolving, exploiting furnished apartments and also buildings. All in the city of Madrid.

We have dozens of recommendations from tenants and homeowners. We include ie Business School or Telefónica Internacional SL, and other Ibex companies, international law firms and senior managers, among others. Everyone usually recommends us to the owners who contact them.

Our goal is to make the client feel at home

Success has been possible by focusing on the selection process of both owners and homes, as well as tenants, eliminating unsuitable owners. With dedicated customer service, we take care of the details and the good work.

In the case of companies, maintaining the institutional relationship with the parent company and its employee, achieving a success with full guarantees. We are not a traditional real estate agency.

DFLAT hosts executives, expats and high-end Master students.

We market our stock through B2C, B2B channels, moving agencies, relocation, travel and own channels. We need more housing, we have demand from large companies and business schools that we need to cover. Contact DFLATMadrid if you own a property.