Many owners are interested in renting their properties under this modality. However, in this article we will tell you some reasons why renting your apartment to tourists in Madrid is not always the best deal, if you are tired of tourism rental, this could be your article.

In the same way, many owners tired of the tourist hustle and bustle prefer to rent in their usual residence form or, at most, in a seasonal rental contrato (contrato de temporada). In this sense, the newspaper “El Mundo” published a good article in our blog ot 3 rental types also published in El Mundo (the three formulas for exploiting the rent.)

The seasonal rental (Alquiler de temporada)

The solution for those who leave tourist contracting sector

It is for medium or long term. This alternative is perhaps the safest and most accurate. In many cases you will save time managing the apartment and you do not need the legal permits that a tourist rental entails.

It is common to think that apart from the tourist or residential rental there are no other options but this is ideal if you are tired of tourism rental, as in reality the seasonal rental offers owners and investors an excellent solution.

Many people do not believe it but a seasonal rental can be more profitable in not central areas, yes, it will always be a sure benefit if you manage it correctly and with the advice of a professional and so, we hope that you want to find out about DFLAT Madrid services for owners.

The reasons for the “boom” of tourist rentals in Madrid

We are one of the European cities with more touristic apartments, although a large majority of the apartments violate parts of the regulation.

As a consequence, the main incentive to exploit is in tourism, it in this modality is the high profitability in scenarios of high occupancy. However, to have a complete picture of the situation, the negative aspects of tourist rentals must also be analyzed.

Conflicts with neighbors

To the extent that your building is not exclusively for tourist apartments, it is very likely that you will have conflicts with “non-tourist” neighbors and all of them or most are tired of tourism rental.

So, it is obvious that tourists have a different pace, and when they are on vacation they tend to be noisier and less considerate of other type of tenants

Tourist rental regulation

There is a strict regulation of tourist rental, there are rules that establish the requirements that homes must meet and rules that affect the design and possible contracting modalities. It is also mandatory to request the Community of Madrid to previously authorize the housing activity for tourist use.

Impairment and management expenses

Renting the apartment to tourists translates into a deterioration in the conditions of the property much higher than that which occurs in seasonal rentals of 1 or 2 years. You should also consider that maintenance and cleaning expenses will be much more frequent.


With this we do not mean that you should completely rule out the possibility of putting your apartment up for rent for tourists, it is up to you. But if you are going to do it, it is important that you take some measures: Regulation and authorization:

  • Check all the rules that regulate tourist apartments and make sure that your property complies with them. Remember that before starting the activity you need authorization. You must follow an application process. For more information, we suggest visiting the Citizen’s Portal.
  • Hire a specialist: the fact that a professional is in charge of managing the reservations, arrivals and departures of renting tourists can help you avoid early wear and tear on the home, among other things.
  • Switch to seasonal rental: You avoid all the legal risks and use a  rental manager with a proven client portfolio. Consider DFLAT Madrid.

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