Tips for students in Madrid in rental housing

It is convenient to find out before traveling and before renting, and for this we propose advises before traveling to Madrid and the tips for students below stated.

Steps to take to enter the rental home

  • Check all electrical and appliances as soon as possible. Give the email and phone number to the owner and ask for yours.
  • Make a photographic report of the defects of the floor. Send the damage found to the property within the first 10 days.
  • Send an introductory and courtesy email to facilitate the subsequent relationship.
  • Make the payment of the rent within the term of the contract so as not to make the commercial relationship difficult.
  • Do not disturb the neighborhood with parties, there is no person more angry than an owner who has been called by three neighbors with complaints.

Best tip for student: Take care of the property

  • Save the proper maintenance of the house.
  • Keep hygiene since welcoming insects is usually not the property’s fault.
  • Avoid thumbtacks and rubber that stick to the walls, when you remove them you could be surprised by a chip on the wall.
  • If you have laminated flooring, don’t soak the floor, dry it out or you could be surprised to have to change it.

Be careful with the energy consumption

Electricity in Spain is normally the most expensive in Europe, do not leave everything on and the a/c should be below 25 Cº.

DFLAT Madrid hosts students and have short term rental

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