Although everyone here will welcome you with open arms, and since you decided to study in Madrid, we think you should know a few tips for students before you arrive or if you are just landed.

Coming to Madrid? Get to know Madrid better

We have a section with more than 25 posts to welcome you and recommend what to see in Madrid.
The most visited post is the 10 most visited places in Madrid, but we recommend tips before traveling to Madrid.

Public transport in the capital

In Madrid public transport is great and safe. Even at night you will also have night buses called ‘búhos’, the only downside is that they are less frequent so we recommend you check the timetables so you don’t wait so long on the street and don’t leave the party unnecessarily.

We have a general post about public transport in Madrid with information about coming to Madrid from the airport.

Get to know the housing rental market better

We have a tenants real estate section, however you can start with these topics that are the most delicate

Highlight real estate scams for their importance. Although there are practically none, it does not hurt to take a look at the most common rental scams and it is not imprudent to read home buying scams in general, since the traits and behaviors are the same.

Rent a home with DFLAT

DFLAT was founded in 2004 at the “ie Business School” and hosts high-end companies, executives, expatriates and Master students, we have more than 300 apartments in Madrid including: We have lists of

How easy it is to meet people!

If you have come to study in Madrid alone, you won’t have a problem as it is an open environment, but if you are a bit more shy, here are some tips:

  • Enroll in a club at your university.
    These clubs have different objectives and are made up of people who have things in common, apart from meeting people. A
  • Academic clubs are related in most cases to business.
    They focus on improving your resume, organizing talks with CEO’s of large companies and things like that.
  • Cultural clubs try to organize excursions to museums, exhibitions.
    They organize trips around Spain knowing emblematic places of the country.
  • Sports clubs may be the most popular If you also like sports,
    there are many leagues between universities and in the community of Madrid.
  • The social act of having a beer or wine is king in Madrid.
    In the afternoon or evening, no matter what day of the week there are always people and a good atmosphere.

DFLAT Madrid needs more apartments

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