Interior design plays an increasingly important role in the marketing of products and the provision of services. Opening commercial premises today without a previous space project that accompanies the identity and adds value to the brand is unthinkable. Gone are the visual horrors without professional criteria.

We consume interior design

We consume decoration when we choose a restaurant that makes us feel good, a hotel with an author’s design, or when we buy a piece of furniture that we have seen somewhere. Every day, we receive images of stores and houses that follow trends in the form of digital content, series, movies, and advertising.

Gradually, the decorative styles of the moment have become an indispensable must that everyone wants to have in their leisure places or at home.

Consumer perceptions towards interior design in buying and selling

A home is probably the biggest investment of your life. It is not just any space; it is the place where we spend important moments in our lives. It is your biggest investment, the refuge that hides our secrets, that welcomes us and protects us from the outside world. It is associated with us; it identifies us, and we identify with it. That is why, when we look for a home, the purchase decision is so important. The cost is going to be, as consumers, the highest we pay for a product by far.

The rental or sale price of a property is relatively easy to set, but determining, on the other hand, how much it costs for the experience in our homes to be as positive and pleasant as possible, which is the work of the interior designer, can be more difficult.

Making us feel satisfied and proud of the place where we live is not an easy task either. But what is clear is that when we like our house, we want to spend time in it and receive people who enjoy it with us. The perception of value increases considerably.

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Whether you buy to invest or to live, a house that is displayed for sale following professional interior design criteria, with home staging techniques, quality reporting, and emotional marketing, is guaranteed success. It will be sold at a better price and in record time.

In terms of real estate investment, is interior design profitable?

There are many factors that influence the positive perception of a home. The location, the views, the distribution of the rooms, the updated facilities, the decoration, and the lighting are perhaps the most obvious. But there are more that are not so noticeable at first glance.

The aromas, original details, the charm of the environments, and even the music If the consumer perceives that the house they are presented with transmits positive messages and exerts attraction, it is very possible that it awakens the desire to buy it in order to enjoy it.

That generates a better price and a higher profit. The negotiation is reduced to 0%, and the operation is closed quickly since, when the desire is difficult to control, the property has more value.

When they ask us if it is worth getting involved in work before marketing a home, our answer is always clear: totally yes. But with professional criteria. The numbers speak for themselves. The positive thing about this technique is that its effectiveness is easily demonstrable. All the investors and owners who have entrusted us with the integral management of commercialization, both reform and sale, have verified it and told us.

The asset management

DFLAT Madrid confirms that the assets received by a decorator are the ones that are easiest to exploit and obtain the best rental prices. Asun Tello is a decorator, and if you want to hire her, you have her at your fingertips on her website, “Asun Tello“.

Information for landlords and investors

f you are an investor or a property owner in real estate or are considering it, you can contact us for more information.