A seasonal rental is the most effective way to obtain a contract for a certain and determined time.
All this comes with the guarantee that you will have all the benefits of a habitual residence.

What is seasonal rental (alquiler de temporada)?

Seasonal rental involves a lease contract for a specific period.
This approach is used to establish the duration of occupancy of a property or dwelling precisely. The seasonal rental contract clearly specifies the purpose of the stay, excluding use as a regular dwelling.

Owner Benefits of the seasonal contract

Owners benefit by being able to ensure that their property is in good condition after a period of time.
At the end of the contract, they can decide whether or not to renew with the same tenant. This gives them greater control over the condition of the property and the rental housing management.

For this type of lease, you must have a very open mind, since there are many prejudices around it.

It is not the same as a tourist rental, since this is done for some type of vacation period.
On the other hand, in the seasonal rental, the house will serve as a home and not simply as a hotel.

Benefits for the tenant

One of the greatest benefits of this type of contract is the minimum rental period is always freely agreed between the tenant and the landlord (according to article 9 of the LAU). The parties can define the duration of the rental as they see fit.
The terms can vary from short periods of two or three months to contracts covering one and a half years or even longer.

How should a seasonal contract be made?

A seasonal rental contract should be detailed and specific, especially designed to cater to people who require temporary housing, such as workers or students.
Every detail should be set out in the contract, including personal information of the tenants, purpose of the stay and other clauses of the contract, inventory of appliances and devices in the dwelling, as well as signatures of both parties as a commitment.

It is important to understand that seasonal rental is not the same as tourist rental.
While the latter applies to holiday rentals, seasonal rentals are aimed at people who need temporary accommodation due to work, study or other reasons.

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