A seasonal rental is the most effective way to obtain a contract for a certain and determined time. All this with the guarantee that you will have all the benefits of a habitual residence.

What is seasonal rental (alquiler de temporada)

A seasonal rental is a lease that is made for a certain period of time and not for an indefinite period, as is usually done. These are commonly carried out in order to be clear, through a contract, for how long a home will be inhabited, whether it is an apartment or a house.

Being this your case, and if you are looking for a monthly rental in Madrid you have to know that it is regulated at the state level by the Urban Leasing Law (LAU). In the contract that is made, the duration of the contract must be very clear, if there can be any type of extension and how much time will be given to you to leave the house.

Benefits for the tenant

One of the greatest benefits of this type of contract is that the term is established by you with the landlord (according to article 9 of the LAU). Both parties can present what is best for them regarding this rental for months. They can be very short times, like two or three months, up to contracts of a year and a half, or even more if it is proven.

Owner Benefits of the seasonal contract

Likewise, the advantage for the owners is that they can make sure that their homes are in good condition after a reasonable time has passed and, if the contract has ended, they can decide whether or not they want to renew again with those tenants.

For this type of lease you must have a very open mind, since there are many prejudices around it. It is not the same as a tourist rental, since this is done for some type of vacation period, on the other hand, in the seasonal rental, the house will serve as a home and not simply as a hotel.

How should a seasonal contract be made

First of all, you should keep in mind that this type of rental is specially designed for people who need to travel. For example, for work or study reasons. Whatever the situation, it must be very well indicated in the contract.

Consequently, if this is your case and you have doubts about renting an apartment for months, you can previously read “article 3” of the Urban Leasing Law (LAU), where it refers to contracts. The seasonal rental contract must be very specific so that everyone can feel safe and there is no legal loophole. Previously, the personal data of the people who are going to rent, the clauses of the contract, the appliances and electrical appliances that will be in the house and the signature of both as guarantee of the commitment must be collected.

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