If you’re thinking of renting your home in Madrid, it is natural to wonder what the best way to do it is and how to find reliable tenants. This is where having a real estate manager can be a highly recommendable option.

Why rent with the help of a real estate manager?

There are numerous advantages to having a real estate manager. They are professionals and experts in the rental market and know the best strategies to find reliable and solvent tenants.

Moreover, they take care of all the necessary legal and administrative processes involved in managing a property, saving you time and worries.
They’ll also provide you with advice on the appropriate rental price for your home and help you effectively promote it.

Here are 5 reasons why turning to a real estate professional is a great idea. 

1. Advice on the best option to rent your home

A real estate professional has information and knowledge of the sector, allowing them to advise you on the best way to rent your home. Depending on your needs, they will guide you on:

  • the rental mode: “touristic, seasonal / residential”
  • whether renovations are needed before putting the property up for rent
  • the most suitable furniture based on the type of rental
  • terms of net rent, expenses, and guarantees

As a result, you’ll have clarity about the expenses and investments needed to optimize your property before renting it out.

2. Selecting the right type of tenant for your home

The experience of a professional in selecting tenants provides a guarantee of financial solvency and peace of mind in management.

A reliable real estate agency, like DFLAT Madrid, will take care of verifying the financial reliability of potential tenants, saving property owners this step.. We work with the following types of clients:

  • High-end Master’s students (i.e., Business School, ESADE, ISDE, etc.),
  • Headhunters, moving and relocation agencies,
  • Corporate Human Resources departments,
  • Travel agencies (ECI Viajes, Halcón Viajes, etc.).

Moreover, the real estate agent will listen to your requirements and conduct the search to find the ideal tenant that matches your needs.

3. The rental contract: legalized and error-free

The rental contract is essential to the relationship between the landlord and the tenant.
A real estate professional will ensure that this legal document includes all the necessary guarantees in compliance with current rental legislation.

Professionals in real estate agencies are up-to-date with the latest legislative updates, ensuring that management is carried out according to current legal provisions.

4. Peace of mind throughout the rental period

Having a real estate advisor or professional will provide you with the security that any doubts, inconveniences, or necessary management during the rental period will be resolved.

You’ll receive personalized attention and assistance with any inquiries you need to make.

5. Immediate solutions to problems

The rented property remains your property, and you’ll want to ensure that it doesn’t suffer damages due to misuse during the lease period.

A real estate professional can offer effective, quick, and agile solutions to address unforeseen circumstances. Among their real estate services, they may provide maintenance and repair professionals, offering an additional guarantee for your property.

In summary, renting your home through real estate professionals or experts is the best way to obtain peace of mind, security, and maximum guarantees throughout the process since they have knowledge and key qualities you shouldn’t overlook.

The advice of a real estate manager will allow you to optimize the rental of your property, save time, and avoid unnecessary worries.

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