Maintain a property. The best way to recover the deposit

Renting a property carries a risk due to the lack of preservation, neatness, care, and maintenance in general that tenants must give to rental properties. Landlords should inform their tenants about how to maintain a property.

In addition, the landlord demands a bond and/or deposit from the tenant to be covered in the event of damage during the rental stay, but unfortunately, the reality is that the bond may not cover part of the damage.

On the other hand, the tenant wishes for the return of his deposit at the end of the rental contract.

It is very common to return a home in poor condition without having received adequate maintenance. The owner’s desire is to receive the home in good condition. Recovering the deposit depends, above all, on the state in which the home is delivered.

Main mistakes in property maintenance

  • burnt kitchenware,
  • dirty or poorly treated walls,
  • broken or scratched furniture,
  • household appliances that are not repaired,
  • throw non-degradable material down the toilet or sinks, facilitating obstructions,
  • holes made in the walls, forcing their patching leave marks,
  • wooden floor not maintained,
  • broken the windows, not reportee,
  • not cleaning the house properly, facilitating the appearance of insects,
  • making noises, attending parties or listening to music at an inappropriate volume,
  • leaving garbage and other items accumulated in the home when they should be removed at the time of departure.
  • bringing animals without permission, forcing an exhaustive cleaning.

In most cases, all this usually happens due to carelessness, negligence, or simply a lack of will to provide adequate maintenance to a home that we have had under rent.

Basic tips for maintaining your home

  • Avoid leaving the mop on a wooden floor, as it will leave white marks.
  • Do not put very hot objects on the hob; it can be marked.
  • Do not leave garbage remains in the sink; these can go down the pipe and clog it.
  • Handle the drawers and shelves of the refrigerator with care so that they do not break.
  • The washing machine door cannot be yanked open or clothes put on it.
  • You have to wait a prudent time before opening the door of the washing machine.
  • Mattresses get stained easily; to avoid this, use a protector.
  • The ceramic hob is scratched by improper cleaning, damaging its appearance, and cannot be repaired.

Whether you are an owner or a tenant, it is advisable to take instant photos and sign them or send them to the counterparty by mail. In this way, you can demonstrate the state of the home and proceed more easily with the appropriate claims.

Many landlords lowered the quality of their homes and rents to be able to take the losses with resignation and simply hope that they have a little luck with the next tenant. There is serious work to raise collective awareness about the use of other people’s properties that must be done. Education and awareness are necessary so that we can help each other prevent damage to borrowed property.

With this intention, we have detailed more recommendations for the maintenance of a rental home to learn how to return the property. Ideally, it should be delivered as it is received, that is, in appropriate conditions. It depends on receiving the deposit back

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