Good weather and longer days encourage people to get out of the house more and enjoy the fresh air and the sun. And sun and parks are abundant in Madrid.

The plans might include eating out as the better way to save money and have a fun time with your family, friends or partner than having a picnic in Madrid taking advantage of any of its parks and gardens.


Healthy picnic and food options

picnic food

Picnics should include light, easy-to-carry, easy-to-eat items. Use sandwiches, the typical potato omelette and breaded foods, complement it with salads.

It is better to take the dressing separately and add it at the last moment before eating, since the vinegar and oil would modify the texture and flavor of the food, especially vegetables. You can take some snacks such as some sausage and cheese to prepare some toasts, hummus with vegetable crudités, some nuts or some preserves, such as cockles.

For dessert, what better than a mixture of multiple fruits, which will also help us to hydrate. In fact, the best drink we can choose is water, although for those who are reluctant, you can prepare a flavored water with lemon and mint or orange slices and mint at home.


picnic food

Picnic Places

We recommend the Parque del Buen Retiro and the surroundings of the Palacio de Cristal are good enclaves, as well as the Egyptian Temple of Debod.

You can visit the park of El Capricho known as one of the best tourist places to go, due to its green areas and impressive landscapes that are drawn in the surroundings.

Others nice place is the park of the Seven Tits that will make you fall in love more and more with the capital or La Casa de Campo, to which you can go by cable car, allowing you to see beautiful views and have moments of intimacy .

Out of Madrid, but at less than one our, you can consider the Monasterio del Escorial or the Mountains north of Madrid.


More things to see in Madrid

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