Investment in real estate in Madrid is on the rise as Madrid is the place of entry into Europe chosen by Latin American companies with prices far below Paris or London.

Investment in real estate. Europe’s guarantee

The international political situation and, in Latin America in particular, causes investors to seek stable environments and prefer to invest in countries with stable legislation. In the case of Spain, stability is provided by its own legal framework, the most real independence of the powers and the guardianship of Europe.

The general political instability is generating migration or return to Spain of Spanish and non-Spanish descendants. In the same way, indirectly and involuntarily, migration of capitals to cities such as Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Los Angeles or Miami is being favored.

As we say, Madrid is among the selected cities and is a reference for Latin American investors and in the case of real estate investment for large international funds.

The Future of Madrid and its real estate value

The most ambitious real estate project in Europe is in Madrid. For two decades Madrid will be the epicenter of the recovery of the real estate sector in Spain and this process will last for many years. Just look at the Madrid Norte and Madrid Sur projects .

Spain is one of the countries with best life expectancies in the worldBetter living conditions; together with urban safety, health care and good weather, make Madrid a modern urban center and an indisputable world benchmark.


Madrid Today, real estate trends

After the fall in prices during COVID, both for rent and for sale, a new boom in demand and prices is emerging.

Prices went down. This is stated by “Forcadell”, the “University of Barcelona” and well-known real estate agents who walk and inhabit the streets every day, who are the ones who best know the situation and can anticipate trends.

The above problems are not going to prevent prices from rising . On the one hand, there are few houses under construction, and we are 10 years away from a large lot of houses that, moreover, will go on the market at high prices. All large projects are in previous phases of land management.

Added to the above, the market is full of money issued by central banks, aid and subsidies, and investors requesting a Golden Visa should consider buying a home in Madrid. Our website also has a page for residents or Spanish owners.  

More information for investors in Real Estate

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