Interior design for rental apartments is becoming increasingly important in today’s market, where rental prices and demand have risen significantly.
For both permanent housing rentals and the new concept of temporary rentals, many DFLAT homeowners have chosen IKService to meet this need.

Interior design of apartments (by IKService)

Adequate decoration has become a decisive factor in attracting investors who want to buy apartments in the centre of large cities, with the aim of obtaining optimal profitability from furnished properties.
The supply of furnished apartments for rent, both temporary rental contract  and permanent rentals, is constantly increasing, so it is essential that the property stands out from the rest.

The 3 keys to effective design are
  • Furnish quickly to get the property on the market as soon as possible.
  • Select neutral furniture that avoids too much personal decoration
  • Choose furniture that can be changed quickly
Diseño de interiores para pisos en alquiler

Room designed by IKService

Diseño de interiores para pisos en alquiler
Dormitorio diseñada por IKService

IKService has more than 18 years offering a complete range of value-added services in the rental market, with a clear focus on optimizing investment based on experience and knowledge in interior design for rental apartments.

Thinking about visual impact: photography and design

One of the keys to interior design is the production of attractive photographs, as most prospective tenants will be searching for their next home online.

The first impression a potential tenant gets from these photographs is crucial to their decision.

It is important that the photographs of the property show a clear, clean and tidy space.

Value proposition in interior design: IKService

IKService offers a specific service for owners, creating cozy spaces and always seeking a return on investment:

  • Custom furniture proposal design.
  • Purchase, transport and installation of furniture.
  • Installation of accessories such as lamps, curtain rods, shelves, bathroom accessories, etc.
  • Complete furnishing with bed linen, kitchenware and small appliances.
  • Complete inventory
  • Photographs of the property.
  • Inspection and maintenance of the property between rentals.

“Over the years we have furnished hundreds of apartments for rent, as well as show apartments for residential sales promotions, using the 3 interior design keys we have shared in this article. We like to take care of the details to create cosy spaces that invite people to stay”. Maria, CEO of IKService.

DFLAT Madrid, Property Manager

If you are an investor or owner of a rental property in Madrid, we can help you maximise the performance of your property. Visit our website to find out more about our services