Home staging is an alternative to adding value to the property. It tis another option when considering making the best possible investment.

The buying process is not always an easy path, as the interests of several individuals and entities are at stake. In the face of these circumstances, there is something that makes it easier and favors the buying or renting operation: Home staging is presenting an attractive property that is tastefully decorated and evokes emotions when seen.

What is home staging?

Although home staging is increasingly present in Spain, there are still investors, real estate agencies, and homeowners who are not familiar with it. Briefly, for those who are unfamiliar, it involves transforming an empty space or an unattractive house into a property with a new, fresh, and eye-catching appearance. This improves the value for sale or rent and shortens the marketing process.

In even simpler terms, home staging is a real estate marketing technique that maximizes profitability and speeds up the rental or sale of a property.

Home staging para vender o alquilar

Now, looking at both images, what inspires you about each one? Which one would you choose first? In which one can you imagine yourself living?

It only takes a few seconds to form a first impression of what we see or the place we are in. Our brain organizes information into categories and quickly makes comparisons.

80% of people who visit a property for the first time know within a few seconds if it is the right property for them. And as Oscar Wilde said, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” Do you now understand the importance of good decoration in a property for sale or rent? From our Interior Design and Home Staging studio, we assure you that a property with the right market price and an attractive presentation is the key to selling or renting a property in a very short time. However, there are three key questions left to answer for you to be fully convinced and decide to apply this technique to your property if you haven’t already.

What do you need to do for good home staging?

Real or cardboard furniture in the case of selling—this will help get a real idea of the space, layout, and size of each room. Decorative details: textiles, paintings, mirrors, flower vases, plants, and rugs. Good lighting highlights the spaces and adds warmth. Professional photography: It is not enough for the property to be well decorated; it needs to be properly showcased with good photographs.

What will I achieve with home staging?

Increase the value and attractiveness of the property. Speed up the sale or rental of the property. Stand out and differentiate from the rest. Reduce negotiations. More interest, more visits, and less time on the market

How much does home staging cost?

The cost of a Staging service depends on various factors, such as the condition of the property, size, number of rooms, etc. For example, if the property is for sale, a temporary setup is used where the materials—part of the cardboard furniture—are kept during the marketing period.

In most cases, the approximate price ranges from €1,500 to €2,500. If it is a vacation or temporary rental property and the purchase of materials, including real furniture, is included, the approximate investment would start from €3,500 onwards. However, each property is different, and we recommend visiting the property or at least having a floor plan and photographs to make a comprehensive evaluation of the situation and adjust the price accordingly.

Home staging is an investment and an important part of the final profitability of selling or renting a property. Entrust it to a professional and see the results. Contact our studio without any commitment, and we will provide you with a quote.

The value of DFLAT to the property

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