Optimizing energy savings is not only a matter of the domestic economy but also of environmental awareness.
Climate change has become a harsh and incontestable reality. Help us promote energy savings.

Choose the type of electricity rate and the provider

Determine your actual consumption needs and the duration of your stay at your accommodation.

Compare energy service prices from different providers to help you find the best electricity rate and to select a specific provider. For the correct selection of the provider, there is nothing better than comparing rates on the website.
Use an electricity rate comparator.

Remember that the problem does not refer only to price management but also to the advantages offered by reducing energy consumption.

Study the best market electricity rates

Visit the portal of one of the most important energy companies, such as Endesa, Naturgy, or Iberdrola, and review the discounts for reducing electricity consumption. In this post, we comment on the modalities of electricity consumption in Madrid.

You may be interested in knowing that homes must have an energy certification, which is an indicator that measures the degree of energy efficiency of a property.

Day-to-day measures

To enter this frame of reference, it is important that you apply the advice on optimizing energy use.

  • Use low-consumption light bulbs with LED lights in corridors or bathrooms.
  • Turn off or unplug appliances you don’t usually use
  • Connect the washing machine and dishwasher at night.
  • Install scheduling systems or smart plugs that you can control from a mobile device.
  • If you are traveling, disconnect the devices that are not necessary.

Many devices consume energy even when on standby or off, so this action, together with the remote connection of household appliances and recharging at night, can help you save. This ensures that even from a distance, you can turn on essential equipment or turn off devices such as the router when not in use.

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