Energy certification has become a method to measure the quality and increase the value of properties. Thanks to a series of changes in the property, it is possible to save on energy consumption, which directly contributes to the reduction of the utility bills. An efficient property should be more expensive than its equivalent, which is not.

Energy efficiency is reflected in the utility bills.

The main benefit of energy efficiency is economic. Those who live in or have a highly efficient property have lower electricity bills and an increased property value.

If we want to save energy, we will also have to hire cheap electricity and gas companies for our energy needs. To find them without losing your sanity, the best thing to do is to use a comparator of cheap electricity and gas companies (Spanish); this system will generate a list with the best rates.

If the house is newly built and needs to register electricity and gas, the same process as before will be followed. The chosen marketer will be the one to contact the distributor to start the registration process (spanish) .

Show off your “A” property

Having an “A” in the energy certification of your home means that you have invested in energy efficiency and that you use efficient and insulating materials.

This effort returns in the form of saving on electricity bills and can be very attractive for those looking for a quality apartment to rent or buy. indicates the annual expenditure on heating, cooling, and hot water. According to the energy rating in a building of 100 square meters,

B: 390 euros
C: 476 euros
D: 635 euros
E: 1,010 euros
F: 1,414 euros
G: 2,087 euros

There is a lot of difference from one letter to another; although the institution does not indicate the letter A, we estimate that it will be around 300 euros.

In order, we list the measures that give the most results:

1. Change of windows (or installation of double windows)
2. Improvement of the insulation of the exterior walls
3. Improvement of the insulation in shutter boxes
4. Change of the domestic hot water installation
5. Installation of mixed heating and DHW equipment
6. Change of heating installation
7. Change of cooling installation

Improving the energy efficiency of properties has acquired such importance that the Government of Spain reserves special aid in the State Housing Plan to promote these reforms.

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