If you are coming to Madrid on vacation or for holidays, it is important that you record and know which phone number to call in case of emergencies.

The very safe city of Madrid

No one carries firearms or knives. If you see one you should report it.

In general, thefts and accidents are not significant and are limited to pickpocketers, however, they are still unpleasant.

You must be aware of any strange situation or that puts you in danger. There are always police on the streets and walking and road traffic is safe.

The attention to the citizen is exceptional, the police, SAMUR and the firemen respond promptly to the call of any emergency.

Tips to avoid emergencies in Madrid

Download apps that can help you get around Madrid.

  • Although it is generally safe, try not to go alone on the street in the wee hours of the morning. Going in a group is always better.
  • In the subway or places of leisure, try to have your belongings under control.
  • Do not leave belongings hanging from the back of the chair.

In addition to all the advice and emergency telephone numbers in Madrid, it is important that you know how to behave in tourist apartments, the current legislation in Madrid obliges the tenant to comply with the rules of coexistence. If you do not comply, the owner will call the police directly. Once you make the reservation of the apartment, ask the landlord and thus you will not have any inconvenience during your stay.

Telephone 112 for emergencies in Madrid

Telephone 112 is the assistance number for any emergency: health, fire, citizen security and civil protection.

At this emergency telephone number in Madrid, the operator will ask you the pertinent questions and will contact the corresponding people to help you in your case, or they will take care of sending the right team of people to help you.

The service is free and accessible from any landline or mobile phone, even without the PIN and without coverage from the contracted company (as long as coverage from any other company is available).

Emergencies What to do in an emergency?

The SAMUR – Civil Protection service recommends on the Madrid City Council web portal 

What to do in an emergency,

  • Keep calm
  • Don’t put yourself at risk, protect yourself and signal your possition
  • Immediately call 112 indicating the most exact type and location of the incident.

    Tell the operator: 
    What has happened
    Exact location and how many victims are there
    In what condition are they in

  • Keep the telephone from which the call was made operational in case they need to call again to obtain some type of information or additional instructions.

Don’t be scared if they don’t arrive quickly, they may be late if they have other more important or urgent emergencies.

What to do until the ambulance arrives:

  • If the operator has given you some instructions, put them into action.
  • If it is an accident, do not move the victim if he is not in danger.
  • If someone else is with you, they can help by meeting you at the emergency room.

Call only in case of  emergency to avoid this service to  be unnecessarily overloaded if you call for non-emergencies, It is not a general information number .

Some clues to know what to do in Madrid

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