Buy or rent a property in Madrid

Madrid is one of the most requested destinations by both nationals and foreigners to buy properties. Now, what is the best option to obtain profits from the asset?

There are several factors that must be considered to answer this question, however, we are going to focus on the factors that influence between buying and selling or renting in Madrid.

Madrid enjoys significant economic growth.

This being a factor that directly affects the real estate sector. When you buy just after a crisis and sell before a drop in prices, the profitability obtained from buying or renting in Madrid is very high. Buying in crisis is scary but it is the best option if you want to make a quick profit.

Standar neighborhoods or high-end neighborhoods.

Although many investors prefer high-end neighborhoods for their investments, one of the keys to achieving profitability is to invest in assets located in more standar neighborhoods with future prospects.

New versus refurbished

Buying new or old apartments/flats. Houses has traditionally been a refuge value for the investor, especially the foreign investor. We recommend buying to reform, it gives more value and you save years of maintenance.

Regular home rental or seasonal home

Acquiring a property in Madrid and making it profitable through rental in seasonal accommodation is a favorable medium-term alternative.

In consequence, the positive profitability offered by the real estate sector in Madrid from the sale and rental of homes can be very attractive for foreign investors, especially for those who come from countries whose economies do not experience the same stability and seek the best investment opportunity to preserve their heritage.

What is the best option, rent or buy

It is a variable decision and it depends of the buyer profile and the ultimate goal that he wants to give his investment.

DFLAT Madrid make up a comprehensive team that offers a unique service in the market to capture the best investment opportunities in the Spanish capital, by getting involved in all phases of the process: from the search for properties to the exploitation of them, and even their administration in the case of foreign investors who do not reside in Spain.

If you want to discover all the investment opportunities offered by investing in Madrid and if you want more information about buying, selling or renting shares in Madrid, get in touch with our team of specialized real estate advisors, they will help you answer any questions and decide what type of investment best suits your interests.

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