Buy a house in Madrid

The first thing you should know before starting to search or requesting a search from a real estate agent to buy a house in Madrid are:

  • What profitability do you want to get from it,
  • what type of client do you want, 
  • if you will also have your own use, 
  • what qualities do you want, 
  • if you want it new or to reform,
  • what areas do you want or prefer.

For example, if you want consolidated residential areas and new designed apartments so that you can live with your family when you come to Spain, it will be difficult to get a high return.

First advice for the purchase of housing

  • If you want a property for tourist purposes, find out about your obligations, taxation and, above all, operating expenses. This business can make you earn a lot of money, but also lose if you make the wrong purchase.
  • If you want expatriates from companies, they do not demand the tourist area, the income and expenses are much lower and the occupation is higher. As in the tourist field, it has its areas and you must know where to buy.
  • If you want a residential business, well, be a little careful, you aim for Spaniards and there are many who have the habit of claiming their rights and forgetting some of their obligations. We only look for good payers.

Taxation you want to apply to your rentals

  • If you want to deduct yourself for housing, you will have to point to Spaniards or foreigners who are in the medium and long term.

  • If you want higher income or rent to companies, then you will opt more for secure clients, with greater solvency and you will consider adapting the apartment to the tourist environment if you are in a good area. We are talking about business executives, ideally displaced. 

The real estate agent

Once you know your objectives and priorities, it’s time to look for a real estate agent and at DFLAT we have Leon Taurel (Alimbles) as an engineer, personal shopper, reformer and decorator. An all in one. He has made some of our homes. León works mainly for families from Miami and Latin America. It has specialized in carrying out the entire cycle, delivering the turnkey asset with everything finished to be put into operation, it comes and reviews all the documentation and the notary signature preparing the act. DFLAT is one of the operating companies that its inverters use. Leon has made houses for the founding members of DFLAT.

However, at Dflat we are known for giving personalized rental support to our owners, so we can help you from step one of the process and even advise you on defining these details. We help owners and investors.

Foreign Investors in Spain

The Golden Visa in Spain (or the Golden Visa) is a facility introduced by the Spanish government to attract qualified and high-income people to the country and which has real estate investment as one of its variants. Through the Golden Visa and the purchase of a home, you can obtain residence. Your interest may increase if you know the Guarantee that investing in Real State in Madrid means.

Visit our page for investors interested in Golden Visa.

You need a rental expert

If you are an investor or owner in Real Estate in Madrid you can visit our DFLAT page.