The ie Madrid students always have the same doubts when looking for apartments. Knowing the best areas, seeing them before hiring them, the landlord’s reliability, or renting the apartment remotely makes the difference if you want to find something suitable before the other 300,000 students who come to Madrid land.

Apartments for ie Madrid students

First but not least, DFLAT is an IE Madrid startup that has worked together with the IE Student Office since 2003.

Booking an apartment remotely is recommended if you come in high season. If you decide on this option, you should use platforms recommended by business schools, especially the ones that filter the owners, and make face-to-face visits if possible. Get to know the best areas to approach, ie Business School.

If possible, visiting the student apartment in person is ideal if you come in low season. In that case, you can use portals as “idealista”. However, these portals do not filter you to the wrong owners, nor do they scam. They limit themselves to collecting market information. If, in the end, you want to get your deposit back, you must take this into account.

On the contrary, if you come in high season, you will not find anything easily; what you find will be expensive, ugly, or far from your school. Booking an apartment remotely is advisable if you want to secure a good place, but you must use platforms recommended by business schools or that filter to the owners.

If you prefer massive portals, we recommend idealista. However, these portals do not filter you to the wrong owners

If, in the end, you want to increase the probability of getting your deposit back, you should use already proven portals. At DFLAT, we have an area to offer apartments for students.

The IE Student Office in Madrid uses several providers. DFLAT is the first recommendation. We were a startup from ie in 2004, and we enjoy the trust of the IE Business School.

Furthermore, at DFLAT, we offer apartment rentals for students in Madrid in two specific areas: apartments near the IE University and apartments near the IE Business School in Madrid. You can book remotely or request to visit the apartment if we have the current tenant’s permission.

The IE Student Office needs

The IE Madrid community, and especially the IE Student Office in Madrid, uses several providers. DFLAT Madrid is an IE Start-up of the Year 2004, and we enjoy the confidence of the IE Business School.

In DFLAT, we offer you both types of apartment rentals for students in Madrid. You can book remotely or request to visit the apartment.

It is true that the best apartments are usually taken for the fastest, ie Students

The IE Madrid Student community apartment needs

The IE Madrid student community requests apartments for days or weeks near IE Business School, and we can offer our Sculptor building.

Alternatively, many teachers have requested  apartments for months, so if this is your need, we can also help you. In any case, we will send you our complete list of apartments for students.

Prefered areas by the ie Madrid community

The areas most requested by ie Business School and university University Students are Salamanca and Chamberí but also likes Retiro, Chamartin and Centro apartments

However, there are also less-known but also recommended areas: Atocha, Malasaña, Arganzuela, and Prosperidad. These areas, in principle, are not usually so demanded by Madrid students, but their prices are lower. You may end up choosing a student apartment here for its quality and price.

Equally important are the areas of prosperity, or El Viso. They are little-known areas, but once you visit apartments there, they are easily rented due to their great proximity to the metro/bus interchange on Avenida de América, in addition to having proximity to several important schools, such as ie Business School.

Comfort in the apartment

Your comfort is important. Once installed, you need light and order to study. A study is a good option, but if it is too small, it could harm you.

Sharing a flat is appropriate when two good friends decide to share experiences and avoid loneliness. Allows you to share expenses. Sometimes, with the passage of time, it becomes complicated, and coexistence becomes unsustainable. It is worth thinking about it because it ends up having an impact on the studies.

Apartamentos para estudiantesWhen looking for an apartment, you must also take into account the space. Your mission in the city is to study, and for that, you need your working area.

In addition, make sure there is a good table with light. You must rent a studio or apartment that has a table and chair well suited to the mission you are going to fulfill.

Try to have two spaces; it will allow you to change your environment and reduce fatigue. If the accommodation allows you to change your living or dining area, you can disconnect outside your study hours.

If you search for a student apartment with air conditioning and a dryer, you have to know that Madrid is quite dry, so there is no habit of installing a dryer, and the cheap ones do not.

Finally, keep in mind that the hot months are few and focus on June, July, August, and September, with July being the worst of all. Only the high-end floors have air conditioning because it is used a few months a year. The problem can be mitigated with a fan and a clothesline in the apartment.

Once you have located an apartment, we recommend that you be sure you know how to do a rental property maintenance which is the best way to have a nice experience and to recover the deposit.

Homeowners close to ie Madrid locations

The DFLAT business model is “seasonal rental.” We take care of the relationship during the process in order to endure the relationship with the IE Business School. You can get references from the student office, but you can also call us directly if you are a property owner in Madrid.