All apartments requires prior cleaning and maintenance work before renting an apartment. Proper maintenance and cleaning of a rental apartment implies greater satisfaction for the tenant during their stay and are appreciated as part of the hospitality offered by the owner.

Improve your apartment maintenance

The tenant has the obligation to notify the owner as soon as possible if there are breakdowns and/or damage to the rental apartment, even foreseeable ones, so that he can take care of managing its repair as soon as possible if it is part of its responsibility.

In addition the tenant should:

  1. Ventilate all rooms daily
  2. Careful use of all the elements of the house
  3. Consult or ask the basic instructions on the use of electrical appliances
  4. If there are electric radiators and/or air conditioning…
    t is recommended not to leave them on during the day if no one is there
  5. The optimum heating temperature is 22-24 degrees.
  6. It is advisable to check the boiler pressure barometer from time to time, which should always be between 1 and 2.
    If it is less than 1 or greater than 2, it can cause irreparable damage to the boiler.
  7. If the kitchen has a ceramic hob, it is advisable to only use suitable cleaning products.
  8. Use sink plungers and bathroom showers
  9. Take down the garbage every day
  10. Do not leave the wet mop on the floor

Aspects such as a failure in the heating, a broken piece of furniture, a faucet that does not work; can affect a flat for rent. The correct performance of these maintenance works requires resources and, above all, time; which on many occasions can be complicated and demand great efforts.

Apartment maintenance companies

There are companies specialized in managing these aspects related to the rental process, so neither owners nor tenants have to worry about this type of situation, since these companies take care of any type of incident that occurs during the stay. DFLAT Madrid is one of those companies but we do it only for the clients of the properties we manage or sell.

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