Advice for Students before coming to Madrid

Before travelling or renting, it is advisable to gather information. We provide advice for students in rental housing and some tips for traveling to Madrid.

Renting a flat/apartment or renting a room?

In the case of renting rooms we recommend contacting Madrid Easy.
The company develops a similar activity to DFLAT Madrid but in the segment of economic room rentals for students with some 3-bedroom flats that they rent out seasonally.
Send the discount code «DFLAT20» if you want to get a 20% discount on the management fee. They have some, but few units near ie University and ie Business School.

In case of renting a DFLAT Madrid flat, you have a wide range of furnished apartements in the best areas of Madrid.

Steps to take to enter the rental housing

  • Check all electrical and appliances as soon as possible.
  • Give the email and phone number to the owner and ask for yours.
  • Make a photographic report of the defects in the floor.
  • Send the damage found to the property within the first 10 days.
  • Send an introductory and courtesy email to facilitate the subsequent relationship.
  • Make the payment of the rent within the term of the contract so as not to make the commercial relationship difficult.
  • Do not disturb the neighborhood with parties; there is no person more angry than an owner who has been called by three neighbors with complaints.

Most important advice for students: take care of your home

  • Ensure proper maintenance of property.
  • It is important to maintain good hygiene to prevent insects from entering the property.
  • Avoid tacks and rubber bands that stick to the walls, when you take them off you could be surprised by a chipped wall.
  • If you have floating floorboards, do not soak the floor, dry it or you may be surprised to find yourself having to change it.

Be careful with the energy consumption

Electricity in Spain is normally the most expensive in Europe; do not leave everything on, and the A/C should be below 25 Cº.

estudiantes en vivienda en alquiler

Imagine having a clean and tidy flat when you have a visitor

DFLAT Madrid hosts students and have short-term rental

We provide with students apartements list, and short term apartments.