Do you need to rent your home or flat in Madrid and what is the best way to advertise a flat for rent?

Once the decision to rent a home has been made, one of the first questions that arise is whether to manage it individually or seek the help of a professional real estate agency. 

Rent your home

Below we give you 5 reasons why going to a real estate professional will not only give you peace of mind and security in the procedures, but also save time and money.

1. Study the best option to rent your home

A real estate professional has the information and knows the sector, so they can advise you on the best way to rent your home. Depending on your needs, it will tell you if:

  • the “tourist / seasonal / habitual residence” rental modality,
  • the need or not to carry out reforms, depending on the type of previous exploitation,
  • determine the furniture according to the type of rental and the quality of the reform,
  • the terms of income net of expenses and guarantees.

Consequently, having the above concepts clear, a professional can advise you on expenses and investments that you may need before renting out the home to optimize your home.


2. Select the type of tenant for your home

The experience of a professional when selecting a tenant, will provide you with the guarantees of economic solvency, providing peace of mind and confidence in the management. At DFLAT Madrid, we take care of corroborating the solvency of potential tenants, saving owners this step, we also have this type of client:

  • High-end Master students (ie Business School, ESADE, ISDE, etc.),
  • Head Hunters, moving and relocation agencies,
  • Human Resources departments of companies,
  • Travel agencies (ECI Viajes, Halcón Viajes, etc).

On the other hand, the real estate agent will listen to you and carry out the search according to your requests.

3. The rental contract: legalized and error-free

An essential part of the relationship between the landlord (owner) and the tenant (tenant) is to include in a legal document or contract all the guarantees that respect the current legislation regarding rentals.

Real estate agency professionals are aware of the latest legislative updates, so we make sure that the management is carried out in accordance with current legal precepts.

4. Tranquility during the entire rental period

Having a real estate advisor or professional will provide you with the security of knowing that any doubt, inconvenience or necessary management during the term of the rental will be resolved, providing you with personalized treatment, in case of any query you need to make.

5. Immediate solutions to problems

The rented home remains your property and, of course, you want it not to suffer any damage due to misuse during the term of the lease.

A real estate professional can provide a set of effective, fast and agile solutions to solve unforeseen events. Within its real estate services, it can offer you, for example, maintenance and repair professionals, being a complete guarantee.

In short, renting your home or apartment through professionals or experts in the real estate sector is the way to obtain peace of mind, security and maximum guarantees.

Information for owners and investors

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